11 Best camera bags.

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Think Tank Retrospective 10

Think Tank Retrospective
Made for the expert photographic artist that needs to mix in with the group and stay unnoticeable in any circumstance. This sack consolidates the look and feel of  outdated cam packs with new highlights and innovation for the digital photography age.

Key features include:

  • Simple and minimal outer appearance.
  • Carry a gripped DSLR with 2-4 lenses.
  • Since the bag is soft thus allow expansion, so you can carry a pro DSLR with attached lens.
  • The external fabric is water resistant and treated with durable water repellant.
  • Antique nickel plated metal hardware

Here is one of the review from Amazon:

Just spectacular! I just got mine and what can I say ….. Pockets for everything , even my Ipad.
I will be using it for travel.
Everything fits nicely D800, 16-35mm f4, 28-300mm, 50mm , charger, filters, etc and the vey best…..low profile! It does not say…. I am carrying a camera.


Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case

Cae logic DCB 304

Case Logic is compatible with most compact system, its hybrid and a High Zoom Camera. The quality materials and logical organization ensure that your camera is stored safely inside, still instantly accessible. A flex wall inside camera case separates accessories from camera and provides added protection when not in use.

Interior zipped pocket stores memory cards, slip pocket inside camera case separates accessories from camera  incorporated belt loop, padded handle and removable shoulder strap offer multiple carrying options. Side zippered pockets store an extra battery, cables, lens cap, or small accessories.

Here is what people have said about this:

I have a closet full of camera cases and bags, but all of them are either too small or larger than I needed for my Panasonic DMC-FZ35 Super-Zoom. After checking out all the available cases at my local chain electronics store, the Case Logic DCB-304 is about as close to perfect as I could find. The camera fits well, with room to spare. It has storage for extra batteries, memory cards, or any small accessories. It’s lightweight, well padded, and offers moderate protection. A nice case for ‘Super-Zooms’, that is priced right.


ONA Union Street Messenger Bag

ONA Union

ONA Union is handmade with premium waxed canvas. Certified cowhide complements and base obsolescent metal equipment . There are 5 dividers, including a removable tablet territory divider. It has space for a DSLR cam and up to 3 lenses.

The Union Street’s advanced styling offers a smooth distinct option for the pervasive, square shaped cam sack we all know too well. Intended to hold all that you requirement for a day on the go – including your cam, a 15-inch portable workstation, up to three lenses or little adornments and your own things – the Union Street is made of top-quality water-safe waxed canvas material and lined with delicate defensive cushioning.

Here is what people have said about it:

Sometimes I don’t want to tote around a bunch of camera gear in one bag and my laptop in another. Some shoots just need a camera body and a couple of lenses, and a laptop (and the usual junk of cables and paperwork). Sometimes I don’t want to walk down the street carrying a bag that says “hey, I am full of expensive camera gear, mug me”.

I was originally looking for a messenger bag to fit my laptop in, nothing to do with camera gear. Then I happened on this bag. It absolutely fit the bill. All the interior dividers are removable, making this not just a bag for a laptop and camera, but also a regular messenger bag as needed.



Lowepro 350 AW DSLR Video Fastpack

Lowepro 350

Whether you’re a genuine easygoing or expert picture taker, the world is your canvas. This rough cam and contraption sack is appropriate for bringing your hardware with you. In this sight and sound time, compartments are accessible for a note pad, outer drives, and other portable media.

The Lowepro 350 AW DSLR Video Fastpack expands on the first Fastpack knapsack and fuses adaptable alternatives throughout today’s mixed media photographic artist who shoots with a DSLR or HD feature empowered DSLR. Quick and adaptable association are key components of this defensive, yet lightweight.

Pack your rigging in the committed cam compartment. When its the ideal time to shoot, get your apparatus from the quick side-entrance pocket. A well constructed sound compartment incorporates a helpful earphone strap and a removable Custom Audio Utility Pouch for adornments like links, ropes and a beneficiary/transmitter set. A different portable workstation pocket keeps your note pad inside span for a complete versatile workstation. A Hideaway Tripod Mount secures a tripod or DSLR feature apparatus to the side of the pack.

Here is a review of one of the user of this bag:

I was looking for a bag that can accommodate a gripped body with heavy zoom lens and 17 inch laptop. This bag fits the bill. It is rugged looking, well-built, well-padded and durable. It is tad on a heavy side but that’s expected with all the padding and size-wise, slightly big, but not too big. The shoulder straps are comfortable and can accommodate a bigger person. I like the fact that the waist strap is also present but unobtrusive if I don’t want to use it. On some other bags, it gets in the way.

Since the bag is divided into 2 separate compartments, the lower compartment is not as roomy as the bags that are dedicated to carrying equipment only. Unless you are going to carry another bag for secondary stuff, it forces you to think and pack carefully what you really need for your task. You cannot open up or convert upper compartment to accommodate more dividers. Therefore, if you are looking for a bag to cram only the photo gear, this bag is not for you. I have other bags that are better designed for that purpose. Still, if you need to carry more stuff, I have put extra lenses and flashes in their cushioned pouches in the upper compartment without any issues. However, the upper compartment is not as well padded as the lower compartment; therefore, you want to be careful not to put anything too fragile there. The upper compartment has two small and a medium compartment as well as an elastic strap and a detachable, small, zippered pouch to secure filters, SD cards and other accessories. There is a small pouch between the shoulder strap to carry an iPod.



Timbuk2 The Snoop Camera Messenger Bag


The Snoop Camera Messenger would make a fabulous spy. On the outside it plays cool with dull shading and exemplary flag-bearer styling, yet within, its computed, careful, and a smidgen slippery. The completely cushioned, absolutely particular inside is intended to house cam lenses, bodies, and batteries. Just move the dividers around to fit the cams you convey. In the event that you truly mean business, you can secure your tripod with the flexible straps on the base of the pack. Furthermore, when you’re not pressing (cams), just uproot the cushioned embed and rock it like an exemplary detachment.

Here is one of the review on amazon:

First off – the quality of this bag is outstanding. It feels and looks extremely well made. The seams are right. It has a vinyl-type covering inside the top flap as added rain protection. The insert – which actually holds your gear – can be zipped up for even more protection and the zipper works great. Good padding and the buckles all seem high quality.

But … none of that matters if you can’t use the bag. And I can’t see how anyone could actually use this bag conveniently. As soon as I received it I wondered if the designers actually consulted any photographers for advice. A few problems:
* The bag is really big/tall. It can hold 2/3 lenses, a body and a flash with ease. You could probably fit some filters down there too.
* But the bag’s depth is problematic. All of the equipment above takes up about half of the vertical space in the bag. Even a tall 70-200 lens doesn’t come close to the top of the bag. So what do you do with the rest of the space? It’s not really convenient for additional gear. After all, who wants to dig through that to get to your gear?. The purpose of having a good bag is so you can reach the stuff you need when you need it.



Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera

Case logic DCB 302

This case logic bag is made up with quality materials, and ensures your camera is safe within it, yet accessible when required. The camera case is compatible with most point and shoot cameras. It provides zipped pockets that can store memory cards and other small accessories.

Here is one of the review :

This is a very nice little camera case. This is definitely for a small, COMPACT digital camera — my older, bulkier Canon A95 (which takes 4 AA batteries) won’t fit, but my new Olympus Stylus Tough will. Your camera should be no more than 2 or maybe 2 1/2 inches high, and no wider than about 3 or 3 1/2 inches. (A camera that takes 4 AA batteries is probably too thick and NOT likely to fit.)

This case is VERY well padded — something that I appreciate. Even the little front pocket (that can hold an extra memory card or even a couple of small batteries) is padded. And the front pocket has a little pocket-within-a-pocket, for those teeny tiny new memory cards that would get lost otherwise.



Tamrac 5549 Adventure 9 Photo/Computer Backpack

Case logic DCB

The Adventure 9 is intended for the SLR picture taker with a professional computerized or film SLR with a hold and 5 inch lens connected, a few extra lenses, a blaze, embellishments and a tablet. The totally froth cushioned lower compartment secures photograph hardware, while the expansive top compartment holds a light coat, lunch or other essential things. Inside the top, a Pop-Off Pocket keeps AC connectors and portable workstation lines composed. A different, totally froth cushioned compartment gives speedy access to a tablet, without aggravating photograph gear. Twofold zipper pulls give fast access to photograph rigging while a climate fold and speedy discharge clasp give security and climate assurance. Inside the fundamental compartment, froth columns bolster the cam with lens joined, good to go, while movable, froth cushioned dividers secure other gear. Tamrac’s licensed Memory & Battery Management System utilizes warnings to recognize accessible memory cards and batteries from ones that are spent. The agreeable, froth cushioned knapsack bridle with sternum strap is molded to convey the heaviness of the cam outfit over the shoulders.



Tenba 638-221 Small Messenger

Tamrac 5549

This Tenba bag is able to hold your 15 inch laptop, along with DSLR, 3 lenses, flash, magazines and files.
The exterior is of 1000 Denier Nylon, the most time-tested and proven outdoor textile ever, the optimal combination of strength, durability, and light weight. It has over 20 pockets and compartments to keep mobile hard drives, cell phone, MP3 player, cables, chargers, pens, and business cards organized.

Lets hear from one of the user of this bag:

There really isn’t much to say here because there isn’t much to complain about. As with any bag, there are places I might want a pocket and places I wouldn’t, but Tenba is so phenomenal at providing an excellent number of different kinds of pockets that I might only move some of them. But then I might not. This bag can hold everything I need to bring, plus all the extra nonsense I don’t need but think I do to be prepared, while still staying compact and comfortable.

The bag comes in a number of colors. I chose the olive green. Had Amazon sold the gray I’d probably have gone that route, but you do have options. I would assume Tenba is not exactly weighing aesthetic high on their list of priorities, so I’m not exactly sure why they offer so many color options, but they do exist. This is not to say the bag is ugly, but it’s not shockingly good looking either. When comparing it to other camera bags, however, it’s often preferable in the looks department.



AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

The AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag is an unquestionable requirement have for carrying your DSLR cam, lenses, and other cam embellishments.

Regardless of what hardware you utilize, the removable inside of the AmazonBasics knapsack can be conformed to fit a DSLR cam body, up to three lenses, and different adornments. The pack additionally highlights customizable straps on the outside to join and convey a tripod.

The AmazonBascis movable, vigorously cushioned, shoulder strap make the contraption pack agreeable to wear notwithstanding when stacked with all your apparatus.

This AmazonBasics item includes Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging that is recyclable. It comes without abundance bundling materials, for example, hard plastic clam shell housings, plastic ties, or wire ties.

Lets see one of the review of an user:

I just converted from my old dinosaur DSLR equipment and the huge bag it takes to hold everything to a DLSM (mirrorless) micro 4/3rds system. Since I no longer need a huge bag to haul my new system, I tried two other bags…then, I found this bag. I am not kidding, this bag is absolutely perfect. It holds my Panasonic Lumix G series body with a pancake lens, two Lumix power zoom lenses, filters and has just enough room left for another small camera like a superzoom. It is extremely well padded with adjustable compartments.



Pelican 1514 Carry On Watertight Case

Pelican 1514 Carry On Watertight Case

Unbreakable, watertight, impenetrable, dust-confirmation, substance safe and erosion evidence. These are a portion of the highlights of this Pelican Protector Case that offers all out assurance for your hardware. It is made of Ultra High Effect basic co-polymer that makes it amazingly solid and strong. Its elite 1/4″ (6.4 mm) neoprene o-ring and ABS locks seal splendidly and incorporates a programmed cleanse valve for fast balance after changes in barometrical weight.

Your gear can fit into the high thickness froth or cushioned dividers for aggregate insurance against effect, vibration or stun.

The review of this justifies the description:

After purchasing a Canon 40D, 3 lenses and a 580 speedlight – and combining this with my existing two lenses and a Canon 300D camera body and a 420EX speedlight – my canvas and back pack bags were a non-starter.

Pelican sells to the US Army – among others – and we’ve shipped goods that survived fork lift prong holes in the case with Pelican – but not with others. The 1510 can carry all my stuff in waterproof and dust proof protection – fit in an overhead airline bin and have wheels and an extended handle that make dragging it around easier than anything I’ve tried yet.



Tamrac 5612 Pro 12 Camera Bag

Tamrac 5612 Pro 12 Camera Bag

The biggest of  5000 Series proficient camera packs, the Pro 12 secures two advanced or film SLRs with lenses connected, various extra lenses and frill.

The Dual Action Top™ has snappy get to Easy Squeeze™ clasps in addition to an inner zipper for additional security. Pockets inside the top keep film and adornments obvious and sorted out. The two ZipDrop™ front stashes highlight cross section and stuff pockets to sort out extras and individual things.

An EasyGrip™ handle, BioCurve™ shoulder strap and Piggy-Back Pocket™ give advantageous conveying alternatives to this expert pack. The Piggy-Back Pocket™ permits the pack to be slipped over the handle of moving baggage.

Foam cushioned side stashes store bigger extras and individual things.

A removable M.A.S. Downpour Cover is incorporated to secure camera equip in compelling climate. At the point when not required, the Rain Cover can be uprooted and supplanted with another M.A.S. adornment.

As far as reviews are concerned, lets have a look at one of them.

This is a real gadget bag and has room and space and compartments for everything you want. But once you fill it up, you’d better have some wheels to put it on because it’ll be H-E-A-V-Y!!! It’s too big to go under an airline seat and maybe even overhead in an airplane. And you don’t want to check it as baggage, with all that delicate and expensive gear! The description says it’s 15.4 x 7.5 x 10.6. Don’t believe it. Even empty, it’s 17.5 (not counting the side pocket) x 9 x 11. Since I primarily want a camera bag for travel (I’m not a pro photographer, purely amateur with a lot of toys), this isn’t it. I’m returning it and will keep looking. Whatever I get, it’ll most likely be a Tamrac since I’m still using one I got about 20 years ago and it shows no sign of age. I’ve just outgrown it.


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