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So you are interested in buying a drone and looking for some options. Here in this article we shall be providing you with some great options. We also wrote an article on where to buy drones with camera, so you can have a look at that too.


UDI U818A is the drone for beginners. As a beginner it might take some time to learn it, and you will be crashing a lot, but you don’t need to worry with this. The wings of this quadcopter are well protected around.

Technical details :
The UDI comes with a flight time of 7-8 mins , has 3.7V LiPo battery, and 4 batteries are required.
The wingspan is 340×340 mm, and has communication distance of 30 meters.
The camera is 640×480, and you get a 1GB Sd-card along with it.

Short review:
The UDI818A is a ready to go quad-copter, you just have to charge it out and you are ready. The remote control included operates in 2.4 GHZ band and has LCD display on it.
At the time of purchase your drone will come equipped with 4 backup propellers , mini screw driver, battery charger, and a USB connector.

We can’t write much here, for a detailed review and description you can check here.


The Phantom Vision is brought to you by DJI. Phantom 2 carries a high performance HD Camera that can record at 720p at 60fps and 1080p at 30 fps. Phantom2+ is very similar to its predecessor in terms of looks, the major difference is in its camera.

In order to get the stream from video you will need a smartphone with DJI’s vision app. This brilliant quadcopter can be assembled easily and you can be ready within 10 mins, provided you have charged the batteries before hand.

Specifications wise this includes a DJI 5200mAh LiPo Battery, and weighs 1242g. Thecontroller operates at frequency between 5.728 GHZ – 5.85 GHZ. The operating frequency is between 2412-2462 MHZ, and communication distance in open area is about 500-700m.




Parrot MiniDrone Airborne Night, is a stunning and insane new development by Parrot! The MiniDrone Airborne Night is an amazingly astonishing and captivating new transport ramble ready to convey a toy pilot or any sort of smaller than expected cargo or toy square.

This minidrone flies at a pace up to 11 mph for 9 minutes. Additionally, you can without much of a stretch pilot your minidrone in Bluetooth keen by means of the free application FreeFlight 3 for cell phones ans tablets, accessible both on iOS and Android.

On account of their capable white LED lights initiated from the FreeFlight 3 application, the Airborne Night can investigate even in the shadows of obscurity.

Amid night watches, you can change the power of their headlights and, same concerning their physical partner, you can send signals with glimmering lights!

They can investigate regions that are faint and just available via air.

Ultra-minimized and light-weight (1.2 lbs.), the Parrot “Airborne” are flying robots steered in Bluetooth Smart by means of the free FreeFlight 3 application for cell phones and tablets.



The DJI Phantom is easy to fly and has an intelligent flight system. Phantom 3 comes with stunning camera that can record videos at 2.7K HD and images at 12 MP. You can run this quadcopter for 25mins on a single charge.

Like the other two Phantom 3’s, the Standard furthermore includes 720p continuous video gushing to the client’s cell phone, GPS-helped position-holding and Return-to-Home capacities. Forthcoming programming redesigns ought to moreover permit it to self-sufficiently take after pre-customized flight ways, fly along over the client (Follow Me mode), and fly around an assigned purpose of interest while consistently confronting towards that point.

To set a course, basically fly your drone to a set point with your sought camera edge, then spare the waypoint, and rehash until you’re finished. You can then let the drone consequently take after the course to make a smooth video, with the gimbal dealing with smoothing out your shot all through the whole course, as opposed to changing the camera’s point on the spot at each waypoint.

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter

The Q500 System incorporates the air ship, a 1080P HD camera, a CGO2-GB 3 pivot exactness gimbal, the ST10 individual ground station, 2 batteries, a charger and a 8GB smaller scale SD card.

The Q500 is great for flying video and photography. It’s bigger in size than the DJI Phantom, which assists with dependability. The new gimbal/camera combo is getting decent reviews, however a quadcopter in this range should not be compared to professional ones.

Yneec Q500 has 3 flight modes:

Smart Mode: This is the recommended mode for beginners since it will enable geofence with maximum distance of 300 meters. The follow up mode is also enabled by default in this mode.

Angle Mode: This is for experienced and intermediate flyers, this mode will arrange controls with respect to the pilot’s position. This will require the operator to keep track of which way the drone is pointing as pushing up on the right stick will result in the drone moving forward in the direction of its nose.



Parrot BeBop Full HD 1080P Fisheye Camera Drone

This parrot drone is 330mm x 380mm x 36mm, and weighs 410 g. This drone has a flight time of 11 minutes and camera of 14 mega pixels, that can record 1080p video at 30 fps. The drone comes with a FreeFlight 3 app, that can be installed on Android & IOS. The app uses Wifi to connect with drone, and streams live image to device.

The stability of drone is decent and it can resist slight wind and knocks. The controller that you get with it has a range of  2Km. Overall it is quite a decent buy, provides smooth video stream, and is stable in air.


DJI Inspire

The DJI Inspire is one the fine drones in market till now. It posses a camera having the capability to record at 4K and shoot stills. The camera of this drone is quite stable and streams the video directly to the controller as well as records in SD Card. Credit for such a stable camera goes to its 3Axis gimbal system, that keeps the camera steady.

The drone uses a modular design, and thus you can upgrade various modules.  The arms are lowered when not in air, and are created using carbon fibre. It features a one tap return, where drone can return to your position with just a single click. You can also use two transmitters with this, so that one controls the navigation, while other controls the camera.


Hope you liked the list, so which one are you going for ?

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