Plan your wedding day around photography

23. January 2016 Photography 0
Couples often ask, as they frantically scurry through their wedding planning marathon, feeling (and sometimes looking) like they’re going to pass out any minute from high elevation fatigue, how can they get the most out of their photographer on their wedding day? Albeit difficult to define what “getting the most” means, I usually come to the conclusion after a few ...

Night photography camera settings

07. January 2016 Photography 0
Stepping out at night and shooting a night full of different colors and lights can be quite challenging than it looks. Here are a few tips for the camera settings to help you out. Shutter priority You need to set your camera in shutter priority mode. Then set the camera to lowest possible shutter speed ...

Practical tips for SLR beginners

29. December 2015 Photography 0
So you are planning to upgrade from Point and shoot to a SLR camera. Thats a great leap or even if you are starting out from it, these tips will be of great help to you. Experiment with the aperture First of all you should learn about the basic concept of this, there are enough ...

Night photography tips

04. November 2015 Photography 0
Photography for some is a lifelong passion and a blossoming career for others. No matter where you are on the photography chain, taking shots at night is one of the trickiest challenges you will face. Getting that perfect shot of the moon rising above the ocean, capturing star trails or freezing light trails really is ...

Why to use digital printing services.

23. April 2015 Photography 0
Digital prints are one of the more smart way to print photos than the traditional method, here we list why. It’s fast Nowadays, acquiring a committed computerized photograph printer for printing your advanced photographs may be a more exorbitant and vital course than selecting a trustworthy computerized printing service. There are numerous services online that ...

Taking better landscape photographs

21. April 2015 Photography 0
Taking awesome scene pictures can appear to be so natural contrasted with shooting move photography or making pictures of kids or creatures. Here are a couple of things to remember that will bail your photographs turn out incredible.