Good Portraits without studio lighting

16. April 2015 Photography 0

Taking portraits without studio

How many times have you felt the need of a good studio to enhance your portraits. There are few methods using which you can get a decent portrait, even without a studio.



Home photo studio

Just have a look around you, do you have a large window. If yes, that’s a great source of light for you, and can give you a photo comparable to a studio. I have shared an image above from, where the photographer took a portrait of his kid using the same method.


You can also make use of the household lights that are nearby, just remove the shade, and place them slightly higher than the face on one of its side and you have a decent light working for you.


If you don’t have a small mirror nearby, or bouncing the flash just doesn’t work for the kind of photo you’re taking, tissue paper is the next best thing. Grab a tissue out of your tissue box, and place it in front of your camera’s pop-up flash. This will diffuse the light from the flash, making it spread out more evenly over your subject. It doesn’t take a lot of tissue paper to get the job done. A single ply covering the flash will do the job.



Try to photograph during sunrise or sunset, these are the sweet times to photograph, when there is warmth in the light without the harshness.


Besides these there are various resources you can look at:–photo-3313

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