Studio Photography Tips

10. April 2015 Photography 0

Studio photography tips

We are here again with another post, this time we are summarizing some of the tips that should be kept in mind for a studio photography.


If you are going to invest in a studio take some time to think if you will need to purchase the location or taking it on rent. Some of the big cities have nice rental studios that are complete with lighting and other stuff that you may require. So if you are on a big budget and sure as to when you will be shooting, these are an option for you.

You can also set up studio in your home, this nice for the budget and great for spontaneous work.


Lights are an integral part of any studio and there are all sorts of it.

Hot Lights: These are the traditional tungsten lights that burn continuously.
Warm Lights: These are the fluorescent lights that consume much less power than the bulbs.
Cold Lights: These are the electronic flash light, just like the camera light,but more powerful than that.



The background you choose for your photographs play an important role in studio photographs. There are all types of backgrounds available in the market, from plain to printed. A nice background is one which keeps the distraction away, generally white or neutral colours are good.

If you are limited in space you should buy a wall mount that will enable you to hang 2 or 3 rolls of paper.



Next important thing in studio photography are the light modifiers. While choosing light modifier you should first think of the kind of lighting you want to create in your studio. The understanding umbrellas, softboxes is essential.

Modifiers come in all shapes and sizes, generally bigger the modifier softer the light. An effective modifier is the parabolic umbrella. These produce a broad output without with any directional light.



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